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  1. I want to be a librarian after I graduate (which means in the next few years after I start and finish grad school)
  2. Sometimes I start writing things and never finish them
  3. I’ve lived in Alabama most of my life (but I’d like to move out of the southeast eventually)
  4. I’m probably going to eat a bagel for dinner (???).
  5. I really want to go on a road trip


Falkreath’s graveyard.

I wanted to do Camp NaNoWriMo this month but sadly I only got to 5000 words or so. If only final projects and papers didn’t exist.


I googled ‘upside down cats’ and I am the farthest thing from disappointed

Flower Garden
Howl's Moving Castle

The Flower Garden | Howl’s Moving Castle

Alright, let’s exchange 3DS friend codes! Mine is 2294-5593-5617.


Shadowfax, the Lord of all horses.

In Memory of Blanco, the horse that played Shadowfax. [x]

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